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He does NOT hold the cards.. YOU do. But you are throwing them away worrying about HIM. You have the cards to YOUR life and what YOU DO with it.

Suppose ten years from now he's gone and still hasn't grown up or contacted you... do YOU still want to be where YOU are NOW? Pining away for someone like that?

Look at you now and fast forward ten years and ask yourself what are YOU doing to get where YOU want to be in ten years time?

Focus on THAT.. YOU have ALL THE CARDS for that.. NOT HIM... NOT NOW...

You may be loyal to HIM, but you aren't to yourself if you waste another second pining for him.

Let him go, enjoy your life, do something productive. If he grows up while you are doing that then that's great... but don't sit around waiting for that to happen.

You are betraying YOU if you do that...

Let me put it this way... as he IS NOW... NO SINGLE FEMALE on this ENTIRE FORUM would so much as TOUCH HIM right now because of his immaturity...

So why are YOU wasting YOUR LIFE PINING for him?

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