Journal entry.

Not much has change with W. I really have no need to talk to her nor do I want to.

I received the appraisal back last week and now I need to get a realtor invovled.

Hey mza8, or others,have you come across a situation where someone needed to sell their home for D purposes?

I was wondering if the appraisal value was used or was a value a realtor gave used to determine the real value.

Seems to me that fair market value should be used. The Apraising Company doesn't take into account the esthetics of the home.

Talked to my neighbor this past weekend you went to lunch with W two weeks ago. She told me W didn't bring anything up about the R. I told my neighbor I don't even think about reconciling any more and I have moved on with my life. She said she was happy for me. Maybe W did say something to her, i don't know. regardless I need to TBC with house and kids.

Coach, if you still check in on me, I realized that TCB of ones self and kids is extremely attractive to women. smile

Better days to come for me.

Bomb 8/09. Brief piecing 12/10. D-2/12
Two incredible kids D9,S6 Leading new life!
“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become."