Hello folks!

Just checking in (briefly) to say that I'm still alive and kicking. There have been more twists and turns in the saga which is my life right now that I have been dealing with- I will have to find time to give a more complete update later.

I'm happy to report that the sitch with my kids and especially with S10 has stabilized with the help of counseling. My W's relationship with OM appears to have withered and died- he has found someone locally in his community to romance and appears "done" with her (my W). Despite this, my W does not appear completely over her addiction to OM and remains committed to progressing towards D. Presently I feel completely burned out from my W's A and her treatment towards me and the kids. This has helped me sustain my "dropping the rope" strategy and frankly made me question whether I want to ever try to pick the rope up again. Only time will tell.

Again I am grateful for the concern and interest so many of you have shown for my sitch. I hope that my experience as I have chronicled here is helping other LBS in some way positively deal with their own sitchs.

Thank you again.


M: 41
W: 39
S: 11
S: 10
D: 4
1st contact w/OM: 1/19/09
EA began: 2/14/09
EA discovered: 3/1/09
I file for D 8/25/09 to protect myself