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I had an awesome time with the kids the past few days. Went to the movies on Sunday and play the rest of the day. Monday kids were in a great mood and we played "monster, mermaid" Monday night. (It's a game I made up while on vacation two years ago where I'm a monster and D5 is a mermaid, S2 likes to be a lion.
They essentially attack me with pillows and jump on me and I throw them on the sofas and tickle them). They love it.

Tuesday went to the toy store for kids and treated them to new toys. The were so good they deserved it.
The best thing about it was on the ride home they both said thanks for the new toys. I am so proud of them.
Wednesday morning I dropped the kids off at W apartment. hugged and kissed the kids goodbye, told them to have fun and I;ll see them Saturday.
Said good morning and how are you doing to W, she said fine and asked me the same and I said I feel great! Then said goodbye.

W looked like crap again and moapy so I don't know if she was thinking abut the dinner decline. That's on her, I feel great today.

I love this post!! The whole thing, every bit of it. I want to be right *there* & mean it. Good job, gr8.

So sad that W is looking & feeling poorly. I wonder what she'll do when you do start dating again? Hmmmm...

(Forgive me if I sound mean today...lol. I'm really hoping that this turns out the right way for everyone. But I think it's wonderful that you're doing so well.)


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