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I`m sorry you`re hurting and I do feel your pain. What sometimes happens when one S is in MLC, the LBS has no choice but to try and pick up the pieces and carry on. By the time the MLC`er comes out of the fog, it`s sometimes too late for the M to be saved.

Thank you for your kind words. I just feel so overwhelmed. Selfish or not, I was the one in therapy for over half our married lives. I thought it was always MY FAULT. I did my best to get us on the right track ALWAYS THINKING IT WAS MY FAULT due to my past issues. The turning point for me to run the first time HE was in HIS MLC!

Too much damage has been done, too much time has passed. LBS learn to live without the drama and heartache, and actually get a second chance to enjoy life once more, and most do.

I understand this all too well now. Seriously, major conflicting emotions here. H was going through his MLC while I was. H put me through so much bs aka drama while he started his MLC, the reason for me to run.

My H is in MLC. I`m positive he feels like you do, that he`s sure he has control over our sitch. That if he wanted to, he could have me drop everything to be with him. I worked far too hard to get where I am today to give it up.

DO NOT LOSE THIS! You have worked way to hard to get to where you are. I think us WAS have had a sense of entitlement. Marriage will always be there so let's try the other side of the fence.

I`m not trying to give you a hard time either. I do hope you can connect with your H. You have lived and learned the hard way, you deserve true hapiness.

Thank you. As I hope for happiness for you.

I am WORN DOWN! How much MORE psycho therapy do I have to do to truly become a happy person? How much MORE must I endure to have a happy committed two sided MARRIAGE?

Me: WAW/MLC 41
H: 42
M: 16 yr T: 20
Me: EA/PA started Sept 2008
D: Anytime, just need to sign papers