Doing some more thinking today about W trip with GF.

I am trying not to but I have a bad feeling about who she is going with.

Anyway mza8 pointed out that I finally show one or two positves from W.
The first was her offering to take the kids while I go on my annual trip. But now I am thinking maybe she did this b/c she needs/wants something in return.

Secondly I noticed the past few times she has looked good when I drop the kids off. I converse with her and give her updates about kids. When she drops off the kids she does talk to me about them. It's just a drop off and she says to the kids - give me hugs and I'll see you later. There is nothing towards me.

Also since she works second shift she likes to call at break time to wish the kis goodnight. Every time my D5 is done talking she asks "Mommy, do you want to speak to daddy"? and each time the answer is no.

So you can see hear we don't have much interaction and it is frustrating.

If so is so set on getting D then why doesn't she bring up the post nupt we are suppose to talk about? It's been over a month now.

Any insights on this?

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