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I do know I need to leave OM and I will. I am just trying to gather the funds to get me back to CA and in a month to month apt, close to H.

If you want to show your H that you want to work on the marriage, that would be the first thing to work on -- ending that relationship.

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H doesn't know I want to get back together but the funny thing is, I believe our mediator does. She is dragging her feet on typing up the judgment, then again she did tell us she was taking a vacation.

I suspect it's the latter. It's not really a mediator's job to help you guys work on your R.

Me: 44, Wife: 39
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Bomb on 08/25/09
1/13/10: MC started
1/28/10, 2/8/10: More bombs
8/28/10: Wife moved out
No talk of D, no movement

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