I first posted this about a week ago in Newcommers. First Post (I don't know the best place to put this and don't want any confusion.) Since then I have been reading everything I can and processing.

For those of you that know about "why they run" can you provide more sources of information? I am desperately trying to figure out and as fast as I can, how and why and how to come out of being the runner AGAIN. I DO want to work on this with my H, but I don't want to run again.

The "fog" has been lifting from my current status since I have FINALLY been able to have separate time way from both H and OM. I do know I need to leave OM and I will. I am just trying to gather the funds to get me back to CA and in a month to month apt, close to H.

H doesn't know I want to get back together but the funny thing is, I believe our mediator does. She is dragging her feet on typing up the judgment, then again she did tell us she was taking a vacation.

I had a crappy IC. She was helping me to do the "push" of getting out of the marriage.

How do I get my H to do the 180 and go dark? I need him to stop being so passive. I need him to read DR but I don't know how to go about it.

Not sure what other information I can give.

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Me: WAW/MLC 41
H: 42
M: 16 yr T: 20
Me: EA/PA started Sept 2008
D: Anytime, just need to sign papers