I think she is using it to have everything in place so when she does file it won't be through the high expense of lawyers.

We still have to meet one on one to discuss the division of assets and the kids schedules.

I feel good about the changes I made for myself and I don't think this agreement is going to bother me too much.

It will give me a better understanding of her thoughts and I will be able to start planning my future accordingly.

Most likely I will be planning to move on by myself.
I'm not saying I don't care(I Do) but this whole experience has been very draining.

It seems the longer this goes on the less likely there will be recociliation.

I think it takes a lot of courage to leave your spouse and even more courage to go back.
The WAW may just let the changes slip through b/c they feel the have wronged the LBS.

They almost have to admit THEY were wrong. People and relationships can change.

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