I am a WAW. It's been 2 months since I moved out. Things spiralled out of hand pretty quickly for us. I always thought our relationship was fragile and it seems it crumbled so fast. I left because I got tired of my husband refusing to speak to me, being rude/mean, and making me feel like I lack something, that I'm not good enough. Not trying to play the victim here at all. I did things he didn't like and he did things I didn't like. The difference between us is that I always owned my half of the b.s. and will apologize to him. He cannot do the same. He even told me once that he will say and do things to hurt me and that my opinion doesn't mean anything to him. I told him several times that I did not like when he'd stonewall me and he continued to do it. This would last days, weeks, and the last time about 1 1/2 - 2 months. It's absolutely maddening being in your marital home with a spouse who won't speak a word to you or look at you. It broke me down so bad. Sometimes I wished he would hit me so I could just feel like he knew I existed. I know that's crazy but at least I would know that he knew I was there. I kept asking for counseling, he always refused, and finally went one time, & didn't go back. He tried talking to me twice before I left but at that point I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm so exhausted with crying and feeling numb, like a ghost. A week before I left I came home to find him packing boxes and he said he was moving out. He didn't actually leave but did it to scare me. The next day I went to put my rings on and he'd taken my engagement ring and hidden it from me, saying I'd never get it back. Little games like this. A week later I moved out. He called the cops on me saying I'd stolen from him. I wasn't able to get all my things out on time. He called me and said, Darling, come get the rest of your stuff. I drove by and he'd thrown all my belongings out on the front lawn.
It's so sad because I wish still that he could call me and say he knows how he upset me and will do counseling.