Some interesting comments. My W can be considered a WAW. We both took the marriage for granted, she didnt stress clearly enough how unhappy she was. Her leaving and wanting a D opened my eyes and mind. Im becoming a better person. She says thats good, and I will make a good H for my next W. She says she cant love me anymore, she has no choice. Everyone has a choice. I still hope that she sees the light at and changes her mind before its to late. Ive made steps to move on, think about my future. The days are getting better. You never know what you have until its gone.



D talk-7/28/09
W Moved out-9/01/09
W wants D-9/22/09
W doesnt want D-12/1/09
W Moved in/I Moved out-12/21/09
W wants D-1/19/10
D Final-04/15/10