Thanks dburt,

I met with my L and saw the filed paperwork. He sent in our response to it and I received that in the mail yesterday. I guess that I am in wait and see mode, I am staying dark and not calling or texting her unless it is necessary. Same as I described above.

She is distant as ever and seems to be just fine with this decision. The kids don't know about this yet and I don't think I am going to be the one to tell them. This is what she wants so I think it should be up to her to tell them that she wants a D. I guess if she came to me and talked to me about it and asked if I would talk to the kids with her, I would be there for support for them. But she wants this free lifestyle with no commitments or anything and she will have to live with the consequences in my opinion.

Enough rambling. What kind of advice can I get to do from here. She has officially filed, so what do I do from here to help save the marriage, if that is even possible.


Me-37, W-36, M-14, T-24, D-11, S-7
Bomb - 11/29/08, D filed - 9/10/09

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