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Hi BJ, just checking in to see how you are doing. Man, it's a good thing you don't do everything I suggest or I'd have you pouding your W into the ground! Or....could you tell that I was getting a little put out with her treatment of you? I am glad you are a man of honor and rise above her faults and continue to conduct yourself with dignity. The world doesn't see near enough of that anymore. You can be proud of how you carried yourself throughout this ordeal.


Thanks for checking in. Yes, I could tell by your posts that my W's antics were getting under even your skin. That's pretty bad!

Well, I'm doing good. I think I'm really finally to the point where I have almost completely detached- or is it resignation(?)- thanks to my W's ongoing campaign of BS. I'm for sure really DONE being treated this way and I may just be completely done with my W- at least for now absent a miracle. It's just too much.

As to my conduct throughout the sitch, all I can say is that my W could never expect anything less from her H. Too bad she is choosing at the moment to build me up in her head as some defective personality, sociopath, bad person or whatever else she can think of to justify her treatment of me and D'ing me.

M: 41
W: 39
S: 11
S: 10
D: 4
1st contact w/OM: 1/19/09
EA began: 2/14/09
EA discovered: 3/1/09
I file for D 8/25/09 to protect myself