The above criteria don't fit my sitch, so my W and I are going to do things the hard way- assuming she is unable to extract her head out of her a$$ before the D is final. I'm seriously stressed about all of the implications too- the emotional impact to my kids, the financial devastation, etc.- but what the hell am I going to do? Of course, my W is friggin CLUELESS about everything- too busy being selfish, ungrateful and daydreaming about a fantasy life like in the movies.

God, I have written these same things myself in my sitch. I feel for you man. I really do, I am sitting on the couch with my W and d8 tonight, if you peeked in, you would think we were still a couple, and and it's just sinking in that she is going to try and clean me out.

We can't show them how much this affects us, correct? How do we take the offense here to protect ourselves?

I am calling the mediator tomorrow myself, to try and setup one last attempt at it. I am not holding out much hope. The thought of how much money I will have to hand over to her weekly is making me physically sick to my stomach. She gets to walk with a bagful of cash, new boobs, new car, and leaves me holding the bills. How in the hell is this going to be fair to me?

M: 41
D: 9
Bomb: 4/26/09

On board the D train now..

"Suffering is when we try to change what we cannot."