Aren't you glad that you didn't do more than TM her on the anniversary? Now you see her reaction to it. When is she scheduled to return home?


I am glad that is all I did, especially since she was very likely with OM at the time. I checked Facebook to see if my son had posted any vacation pictures- none- however I noticed on my W's Facebook page she had made a happy, suggestive comment about spending time with one "special" friend during her vacation.

I checked OM's MySpace page and he had a blaring marquee post announcing how he spent the entire awesome weekend with an "old friend". This just confirmed what I thought would happen- my W immediately dumped my kids at my in-laws and ran right into the arms of OM.

It's amazing how my W is taking OM's bait- hook, line and sinker. I'm sure that she will come home more convinced than ever that the grass is WAY greener on the other side of the fence. She is certainly being brazen about dating OM while staying at my in-laws with the kids. Her entire family including several of her friends know what she is doing- and doing to me. She is basically humiliating me in public at the expense of her own personal integrity and despite our church's stand against adultery. Is this some sort of passive-aggressive attempt by her to force me to file for D? If so, I'm not going to bite.

She and the kids are due back around the 17th. In the meantime, I need to start thinking now about how I'm going to deal with my W upon her return- I'm assuming she'll be riding a monster "high" when she gets back and I'll look worse to her than I ever have before. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated as always Sandi.

M: 41
W: 39
S: 11
S: 10
D: 4
1st contact w/OM: 1/19/09
EA began: 2/14/09
EA discovered: 3/1/09
I file for D 8/25/09 to protect myself