I may catch some flack from my fellow LBHs on this, but the more I think about it the more inclined I am to not go nor "crash" the trip the following weekend with a surprise visit. Aside from the other drawbacks mentioned before, it is not dignified and is an act of desperation.

I have to confess that I'm starting to really appreciate myself again like I did when I was single. I've always been a pretty modest person but the fact of the matter is that I'm a damn good catch... and there are plenty of women who would love to have my W's "problem" (me) should my W decide to toss me in the trash for that bum OM.

I love my W deeply and am committed to her and my family. I absolutely want our M to succeed. I am committed towards succeeding in making those positive changes I need to make to become an even better man and H than I already am. Yet the longer this sitch goes on the more inclined I find myself not interested in compromising my standards and self respect. I don't know if that is part of detachment or just me slowly getting fed up with the abuse...

M: 41
W: 39
S: 11
S: 10
D: 4
1st contact w/OM: 1/19/09
EA began: 2/14/09
EA discovered: 3/1/09
I file for D 8/25/09 to protect myself