At the beginning of the EA, I dismissed possible hormone issues with my W as it just seemed too coincidental, happening at the same time as the EA. However as things have progressed I've come to realize that it may be something that needs to be ruled out.

But to me....."this" is a sign that her hormones are not balanced. Something is out of whack and you are seeing the "outside" results of her weird actions. It may sound as if I am blaming misconduct on hormones and using that as an excuse, but it's not in all cases. I do believe a female can get really mixed up and not be her normal self. Due to the proper hormones, she feels depressed and unhappy and therefore seeks out somebody to fill that need. But, you are right, you aren't the one to try to talk to her about this b/c WAW's have a tendency to get pretty anger when a H wants to suggest she see a female doctor.

My greatest fear was my relatives/friends finding out about my EA. However, she seems to be ready to go public with this if she's going to go meet him and talking so frank about it. What do you think? Do the two of you have a couple who are your best and dearest friends?

Talk later,

It is not about what you feel should work in your M. It is about doing the work that gets the right results. Do what works!