what if the LBS is the one who broke the promises and the was is the one who recognizes the break and despite trying to repair it eventually finds the lbs just isn't capable or willing to repair it so they decide that what's best for both in the end is to end the m?

What type of promises would the LBS be breaking to justify D in your mind? I can agree if there was abuse, financial neglect, etc. But what about the WAS that just held in resentment over time, never had a discussion & just sent out "signals" that the LBS didn't get? This seems to be more of the case on this board. And why is it the WAS's job to decide what's best for BOTH partners? And for an entire family in most cases. You know the children typically want their parents together.

I still appreciate hearing the comments of the WAS to help us understand what is going on. I just still do not see the justification in this.

Me 36, Him 33
M 11yrs, T 15yrs
S 8, D 7
H moves out 10/09
D to be final SOON I HOPE!