HI Pearl,

How's my friend? That's retorical because I have read and caught up with your posts.... also i really don't even know what retorical means or if I spelled it right \:\)

One thing.... I see where she said in an email that she saw him two weeks ago. I may have missed something but that is her talking and her perception. I have seen my wife 4 times in the last week but i am not with her. If she is pursuing him then it is easy to see an email stating "I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last saw you". She may have seen him at the drinking fountain. You may OR may not be reading too much into this email. I would be more interested in whether he responded or not. If it is a company email he can't control whether she emails him. AND guys are wimps (I was thinking about another word I can't use here). If he wants to work things out with you. You are ready to move one then you are in the power position. DO YOU REALIZE how much crap I took from my wife and how much I bit my tounge when I was trying to get back together with her? There is a chance he is just simply scared to tell you she contacted him. You have to think about him being in the same position now that you were in when he first told you he was out of the relationship.

Now that said be careful!

The other thing is ....please do not feel like you can never trust another person. Do you realize how many people out completely put their soul into a relationship? Look at yourself in the mirror and answer the question if you would have ever done this to another human being that you were totally commited to and loved. Even if you fell out of love with that person would you have just sat around until you found someone else that met your needs and then crapped all over that person?? I think not. I have read your post and you are a special person. Do you realize how many special people are out there?

Look at the commitment that people like Puppy, MsM, and all the others have to their spouses. There are special people out there...people you can count on being there when you need them. And quite frankly your BF may be one now that he has decided you are what he wants. There is also he chance he just is going through the "I can't have her" phase. You will realize this as you spend more time together.

I married a woman that left me and i am convinced wants away from the rsponsibility of being a parent as much as she wants away from me. I want to believe if I married 100 women only about 20 of them would have put me through what I have gone through. The other 80 would have appreciated me.

stay positive!!!!!!!!!!!

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