You apologized to view for my post so, absolutely, it was related to me.

I read view's post to say that he/she had an affair, fell in love with the OP, and concluded that the love for his/her spouse must be gone. "Sent out signals" is not discussing your unhappiness with your spouse. If my intepretation is correct, I stand by what I wrote in my first post.

My husband was telling me that he loved me and wanted our marriage while he was having an affair. The affair most certainly did not start after I ended the marriage. If it had, I would not call it an affair because once separated, we are both free to pursue other relationships as far as I am concerned.

He kept me emotionally connected to him by telling me the above, while he disconnected from me by pursuing another relationship. After I ended the marriage he told me that he stopped loving me a long time ago. That is what makes him a coward.

BTW - even he admitted that he is a coward and believes that he is having a MLC.

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