Hi Bliss.

All I can say at this pont is maybe he still deos in fact care, but I wouldn't waste my breath in asking for it, nor set expectations to later be crushed when he'll 'say' he doesn't.

AJM has a firmer belief that they do. As I said in my case, she's stated she does, prefusely, and at the moments I believed her an put trust in her once again, time after time, but after reality sank in and she ran right back to her OM, I was crushed. Now, I just have zero faith at all of anything she says in that regard.

Simple fact, I let my feelings be known, and she knew where my door was for 8 long grueling months. A person can only take so much heartache before it's time to just let go. Furthermore, she says she "loves me so much it hurts" yet lives with OM, is "engaged" to him and filed for divorce on me? That's love?

I will say there must be some kind of feeling left or some kind of remorse. Our house she wanted back so badly is still a 'rental property' 2 months after I left it. She says she's only been in it twice since.

I don't know, I just don't know.

Me 35/XW 33
S13 & S12
M: 10/17/98
OM & S: 07/08
D final 06/09/09
12/03/09 - 06/13/10 "Piercing"
06/13/10: Engaged to Re-marry 10/17/10
06/25/10: Expecting baby #3 2/14/11