No need to worry about high jacking a thread. You both have great points that I find really interesting.

I just don't get the thought that he still that what this statement is supposed to mean?

My son spent the entire weekend with him (his visitation weekend) and came home in a bummed out mood. Dad was out of the driveway before my son even got to the front door. He said STBX was on the cell phone all weekend...either texting someone or talking to someone, or he was on the computer. My son said it was the most boring weekend ever.

I suppose since he's on two 'hook up' websites that most of the time he spends is looking for his 'long term relationship'. How insane is he? My counselor said he just doesn't get on the past issues that brought about your divorce (we both had a part in it) and then move on. Yet my STBX is at the gym working on his body, but not his emotions.

I had acknowledged my part in the breakdown of this marriage...not to him per se, but to God and in my journal, plus I'm working with a counselor who encourages me to 'do life differently'. I didn't want to reach out and admit to my STBX because in my mind it would just validate his leaving...because quite honestly, he has never validated his part and is in the blame stage.

What do you guys think?



P.S. This was my very first weekend alone on Easter. I got up, went to church, and then spent the day working in the house. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was invited to come to dinner with my family and other friends, but I thought I'd just spend the day alone, not in thought, but working on an upcoming garage sale. Probably should have spent time with family? Heck, I never know what to do. LOL

Me:46 H: 46
DD:22, DS:12
Together since age 16.
Married: 26 years 10-9-08...H filed for D same week as our anniversary.

Dear Lord....Please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.