Hi View, and thanks for sharing your view (sorry couldn't resisit). ;\)

I'd just like to maybe send a positivie vibe your way. Through being here I've come to meet a handful of WAS'. And each and everyone of them have been very helpful and supportive in showing us LBS' the 'view' (did it again \:\) ) from the other side of the fence that we can't see. I regard them as good friends in this crazy world we all live in as a result of whatever happened in our marriages. But I for one certainly do not regard any of them as mentally defective or what not.

And let's face the grim fact as it may be, what would you say is the actual ratio of left behind spouses versus walk away's on the site? Probably a rather small number on the later half, of which i applaud you for being here. ;\)

It's just hard to fathom for most for half a second how disacknowledging those commitments made in front of family and friends in sake of making the best descission for one's sake as the only option. I'll tell you, I'm certanly no 'holy roller' and was married non-denominational. But no matter like mine or any specific religion, it all boils down to the term UNITY. So when that unity is broken for the sake of one's self, despite, better or worse, sickness or in health, and all, there's the problem in trying to understand how the other person who vowed those same promises can just up and leave, especially when there is children involved you know?

Now, if they changed the saying from forever "til death do you part" to "however amicably endeavorous" or "X amount of years" then I'm sure a lot of folks would be feeling a whole lot different when the bomb drops you know?

Sure there's 'mudslinging', name calling on everybody's part, you know you have a few new not so nice pet names for your spouse after all this right? I would like to say it's overall nothing personal to the walk away masses, but more an individual thing, however i can't say entirely as I don't read every single thread on here, but none the less, you get the drift.

The terminology, yeah I couldn't agree with you more there, still don't understand but a few things of it myself.

But overall, unless the acts that make you leave are of a endangerment to you is becoming another statistic for the books really the only answer?

I realized a while ago after creating my thread that the particular forum was intended for WAW's to come together and post, for that I do humbly appologize to all.


Me 35/XW 33
S13 & S12
M: 10/17/98
OM & S: 07/08
D final 06/09/09
12/03/09 - 06/13/10 "Piercing"
06/13/10: Engaged to Re-marry 10/17/10
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