Is it also possible that the WAS is the one that gave up? That professed values and then found that they lied and couldn't live up to them? i.e. false advertising? Could it be that the WAS didn't do everything they could prior to deciding that selfishness was the only way they could be happy? That there is no way to work through their issues?

Could it be that is what makes the rejection so hard?

Name calling? I suspect that goes both ways, no?

I personally try not to call names. I'm sure I have done it out of frustration. I do honestly love my WAS. I realize through this process I lover her enough to let her go. As if I could have ever kept her from leaving right?

I hear what you're saying. I'm trying to provide another perspective in hopes of understanding what you're getting at. I don't understand walking away from commitment. I never have. I hope I never do. But for WAS's it seems they have found a way to walk away from theirs.

Can you help me understand that part of the process? Perhaps it would provide the most insight to those LBS's that are trying to understand the other side.

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