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So the question here is...DO THEY NOT CARE, honestly, for how we feel? Sometimes I want to beg him...how pathetic is THAT?

Bliss, in my experience, that's what they thrive on to validate what they are doing is right in their own mind. The more you show emotion, the more it's known you are still stuck.

Let me ask, what have you done for yourself to heal? Have you idnetified the issues you contributed that led to your X walking and the S and D? If so what have you done to remedy?

Hang in there, do some soul searching. You have a lot on your plate in all regards, but to me it sounds like you've either never really done what's asked above or you've reverted back to the depression stage and need to remember or start over.

Me 35/XW 33
S13 & S12
M: 10/17/98
OM & S: 07/08
D final 06/09/09
12/03/09 - 06/13/10 "Piercing"
06/13/10: Engaged to Re-marry 10/17/10
06/25/10: Expecting baby #3 2/14/11