dday101789....I'm so sorry I didn't catch on that you are NOT of the female gender...ugh! Fuzzy brain here! =)

mlh...I can totally relate to the vomiting both you and dday talk about. And I wish there was a pill to take all these feelings away! I don't even know where to begin!

dday...I'm felt so sad when you wrote about stumbling into your STBX with the OM...I think I WOULD vomit!

So the question here is...DO THEY NOT CARE, honestly, for how we feel? Sometimes I want to beg him...how pathetic is THAT? Just typing to you both right now...well, I'm crying. I think my kids think I'm nuts. I wish I could tell them this is normal, but is it?? How long does it take to get over this? Will I ever get over this?

This is what scares me...that I won't get over it.

I'm so sorry...I'm just in a really bad place right now.


Me:46 H: 46
DD:22, DS:12
Together since age 16.
Married: 26 years 10-9-08...H filed for D same week as our anniversary.

Dear Lord....Please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.