Here I am still crying...after almost 6 months of pure hell he's put me through. Ugh!

I wrote him a really nasty letter, reminding him of all that he's done...yet I believe I shouldn't send it. I shouldn't right? He probably wouldn't read it anyway....he just doesn't care.

Now I find out he's on geez...the D isn't even final yet and he's out 'looking for a long term relationship' (this is what he put on the title of his ad).

How can a man leave his family after 26 years of marriage, and be out looking and having sex with random women and not even care how we, or I should say, I, feel!???

Two days ago he accused me of dragging the D out, and told me how bad he wanted this to be over...yet he's the one dragging it out filing petitions not to pay this or that.

He hangs out at the local bar that my daughters friends parents own. Of course all of our daughters friends go there and see him. Our daughter is totally embarrassed.

I am trying to GAL and not think about us, however it's all I do is cry. I still cry daily. Our daughter is getting married in August, and this has been hell on her...

I haven't been on the boards because I came down with Pneumonia for 4 weeks! Is that stress or what? My doctor gave me instructions to stay in I couldn't even get out of bed if I wanted to!

Thanks everyone for listening....I need a good ear or shoulder and I am thankful that I can come here to get out of the storm.


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Me:46 H: 46
DD:22, DS:12
Together since age 16.
Married: 26 years 10-9-08...H filed for D same week as our anniversary.

Dear Lord....Please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.