If anyone is reading these please reply. Does LRT also mean NC, the reason I ask is it's almost impossable for that to happen for me because I have not even moved out and she has resonded a lttle from this technique! she was even suggestive about sex. I don't want to over do any thing or under do anything. She is not happy right now with some of her choices but I hold firm with LRT and it seems to be working. asking me to help but not live there I stood my ground on that. I do not contact her at all unless there is something that has to be done and not for her. but I do give a little but not so readly. I think she is starting to feel that it does suck without me. She has been on a man hunt now for months. I don't jump on every little signal from her good or bad. I see the pressure building on her though and I don't want to slip when I should make a move even a slight one with the small flirts I have over looked. Do I hold out this way for a better responce or when they do become suggjestive in the right dirrection should I lean a little more in that dirrection also? BTW I am not sure if she is sill working on OM with the way she has been frustrated I would say it's not good. Talk to me.....

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Me 40
waw 39
Never formally M
Common law
SD 16
SS 13
Together 9 yrs
bomb 10/2/08
She started dating 11/08
Started P/A 01/09
Contiunes to call R over