I'm hoping someone out there can give me a good hard kick and get me out of this pity party mode that I've been stuck in for the past month....ugh!

H filed for D a day after our 26th anniversary in October. I'm sick with MS, and feel totally sorry for myself. I'm tired of feeling like this, however, I can't seem to stop crying and move forward. Quite honestly, I'm so filled with anger towards him...yet, I miss him so much.

The stress of the D has just wiped me out physically. He's done just about every mean thing a person can imagine and I'm still in the 'shock' stage. Wierd...here we are four months into this and I'm still feeling shocked. Whats up with that? I guess this must be due to the fact that he's always claimed to be 'a nice guy' to me and everyone else and then he files for D, asking the court to grant him no maintenance payments to me, and also full custody of our S12.

I need to move on. I need to move on. Gosh...how do I start to move on?

thanks for listening,


Me:46 H: 46
DD:22, DS:12
Together since age 16.
Married: 26 years 10-9-08...H filed for D same week as our anniversary.

Dear Lord....Please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.