I urge you to get a lawyer familar in military law.My ex didn't.I ended up getting 60% of his retirement.Of course it helped me that when the judge ordered him to give me 35 percent he cussed the Judge.(Don't do that!LOL)

Also something that you should do is go to every legal on every base.If she were to be told to do that you would not be able to go to them yourself.I know.Mine did that and I was blocked out.

I went for everything I could get my hands on.Of course mine left me with five kids at the time under 18.I needed everything I could get.I was a stay at home mom for the whole time we were together.

I still didn't fair as well as my lawyer told me I would.But I got what I could.

I'm not sure what the law is in your state.But in Florida the judge can grant up to 60 percent of military retirement.You might want to check into that.I don't think you deserve to lose everything.Your a good father and you should be able to keep what you can.Your going to need it.

Later Friend

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