Hi Sandi2
Thanks for checking... a good week-end with H this week-end. I surprised him with tickets to a comedy club Friday night, it was relaxing, no R talk, just laughs & a couple drinks. Conversation was light and all in all a good night.

He agreed today to go back to counseling without pushing the "we have to be married first" issue. But working as friends on communication and emotional safety.

He was here this afternoon (to take DD to a movied) and actually suggested he vacuum up the dog hair in the sunroom, without prompting from me, stepped up and 'parented' our daughter who was being 'snippy' with me about doing dishes. Both of which were rarely done pre-WA.

I noted my appreciation with a friendly one-armed hug and smile & that I noticed his changes, and that I appreciated it very much.

But as I noted in one posting a while back last week... it depends on which H shows up. Consistancy & regularity... we'll see.


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