just got my "healed withou scars book" and the intro alone is great, can't wait to read the rest:

Three men found themselves in a very uncomfortable place--a fiery furnace. It was a situation that should have ended their existence, but somehow they survived. At the very least the experience should have left them emotionally and physically scarred. The evidence of this experience should have been obvious to everyone around them, yet it wasn't. Why?

Shadrach,Meshack, and Abednego survived because God was literally in the midst of their experience. Because of this vital factor, they emerged from the furnace with their identities, self-esteem, and emotions apparently unaffected, with no evidence of this negative past upon them.

Be not afraid...I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten Joel2

survivor of S, MLC, A, D
I have peace in my heart, at last.