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This forum here.. should be for the WAS.

I wanted to post here when I first showed up. I was wrong. This is supposed to be a place where the WAS can vent. Get the support they need. This should be the place they can do that. It's not.

For this forum to be effective it needs to be moderated. It needs to be a "safe" place. It's not.

I want it to be. Everybody needs support.

I just don't think this forum does what it is supposed to do.

How do we change it?

Great job tasking FG!! I agree with your statement. I do feel "safe" here most of the time. I think...my 2 cents... a lot of LBS post here...to get feed back from the few of us WAWs that are open and honest. I don't feel the moderators give feedback here near as much as they do on other forums...again my 2 cents...I think most of the LBS's just want to understand or get a read on WTF their S is doing and why...so they post here...there are not to many of us WAW's that are really open and give feedback...at least on this forum...I think there may be 2or 3 that I have seen. Thanks for coming over to our little group and trying to help...much appreciated!!

Hugs 2 you!! ;\)
When r u going to FG my sitch??? hehehe

M-4yr (10/04)
Me- WAW 1/07
I filed for D 2/07
D put on hold 5/07
H re-files for D 9/08
WOW! trying MC 10/08

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