Hi Cat,

Boy oh boy, the more I read about this guy the more he reminds me of the kids father. The whole thing with the check was a page right out of mines book. I will never forget that when my triplets (long story) were infants I had a 600 dollar a month bill in diapers and wipes alone. I went back to work to help with this. Long story short, I had a big meeting and nothing fit my babies were three months old. I went to his desk and he had clothes from the Gap and Banana Republic hidden there. Over 30 pairs of jeans at home, clothes just everywhere. Meanwhile, I went to this meeting with a suit from a rinky dink discount store. I looked terrible.
This guy though is walking around in good quality clothes.

Another example, he got a bonus in April of 10,000 (and has gotten one every year since our separation and has given us NOTHING) once and went out and bought all new things for his motorcycle. With three babies in the house. I took mine and bought things for them and paid bills. The year I got laid off, I had already paid for a trip to Disney. He was still working, he paid for the car rental. I paid for the tickets to the theme park, food for the week and the airline tickets and souvenirs FROM MY SEVERANCE MONEY.

Passive aggressive people are not weak, they are the worse kind of manipulator in that they make you feel guilt for not meeting their needs. They have usually been this way their whole life so they may not even realize how manipulative they actually are, rarely doing the work necessary to grow up.

You are doing just fine, keep doing what you are doing and you wont have to do it again.