My original thread

So WAW left on Dec 1st. We don't see each other but text each other ever few days about our D5 and S3. We split their time up with each parent equally. The question is when each of us has the kids and we do something special like going to Disneyworld for the first time, skiing, birthday parties etc. should we be sending photos to the other parent?
My WAW is dating and not said a word to me since she left, she just left. She has bought her own house and negotiated a settlement with me. Wife is from a wealthy family. She is 33 and very pretty.
So, as co-parents should we be doing this photo thing. I had stopped by my wife just took the kids on a ski vacation and she sent m photos from her phone each day. I don't know if she is doing this to stay connected to me or if it's a normal thing as co-parents. This up coming week I am taking kids to Disneyworld for their first time. Do I send her photos or not.

Me/W: 46/36
T/M: 7.5/6.5
Bomb 12/05/07
D final: 03/03/09