I don't have the book in front of my right now, but it the last resort technique. I've actually been doing it for 3 weeks now. I got similar information from another book. I told her last night that I may have made a mistake in asking her to read it. I didn't want to come off as pushing her. I was real supprised when she said "well, if it is going to hurt us" then maybe I shouldn't read it. This implied to me that maybe she is having a change of heart. She still hasn't said let's work it out but she said since she has been taking an anti-depressant she is feeling better and she knows it is not the "best" thing for the kids to go through.... I'm hoping!!!!! What I think has helped more than the anti-depressant are the following:
1. Help around the house ( with Joy \:\) )
2. Don't ask "ANY" questions!!!
3. See myself having to find someone else. Get in shape, take care of myself.
4. Have some dignity and quit asking how she feels, or "are we going to make it". Just shut up with questions.
5. Let her do whatever she wants, go with friends etc. etc.
6. "ALWAYS AGREE WITH HER 100% " even if I don't agree... find the 10% that is right and agree with that. This has been hard but the more I do it the more she talks to me.
7. Don't touch her in any way shape or form. ( again hard to do..i've brushed up against her but that is it).

I'm cautiously optimistic. I wanted her to read the first couple of chapters especially "The Divorce Trap". I told her that if she was more the 50% wanting to leave or getting a d attorney or theripist... maybe reading this would help...... Does anyone else have any suggestions... I just think she needs to read this before making that decision. But I don't want to screw things up.