From tony2000.


Firstly try not to listen to friends and family. Whilst well meaning they AREN'T in your position and DON'T know how you feel. You will get totally conflicting advice, and end up more confused and panicked than you already are. You know what you want, don't be put off. Do what you need to do to have the best chance of getting your wife back, thats to stick to the DBing.

Get your advice from us here, we KNOW what you are going through and will give far better advice than family and friends.

Your wife is in total "selfish" mode at the moment. Nothing and no-one matters to her but her, this is normal. She will only want to hear from people who agree with her, its her way of justifying to herself what she is doing. By talking to people that think she's doing the wrong thing it will force her to face up to her actions, she isn't ready for that. It WILL come, but more than likely only once she has real space and time to sit and think about the situation she is in.

You HAVE GOT a REAL chance RIGHT NOW to prove you can change. Don't try telling her, she will not want to hear. Actions speak louder than words, so start working on yourself and let her see the new, real you. Make sure you have a real PMA, act happy around her, let her see that you are getting on with life. Start doing some things FOR YOU, things that you have thought about doing but never got around to. You will become far more attractive to her if she sees you getting on with and enjoying your life.

Now is the time for you to work on YOU. Let her be for a while, let her wonder what you are up to. Go and have some REAL fun, might just make her think differently about you.




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