A post from nancy.


I would not let others stress you out about your W. You know her best.. and you know what actions you can live with...Its amasing sometimes how other people will tell you what to say and how to handle things in your life. example ..the money thing.

My friends were giving me so called good advise daily, i would just listen and smile..without any real comment. If i would of listened to them i dont think i would of ever gotten my H back...so many were telling me to get on with my life and forget the past. So glad i was able to think for myself..i know they meant well, but they couldnt reliese i wanted him back and was going to work for it and at it.

Back to your question about your W...I just told lulu, on her thread too that when my H was gone, before he came back he was calling and coming over for reasons he never was before....sometimes they were just to tell me what was on TV..later, when he came back he told me it was because he missed me and missed talking to me so he would even make up reasons... Rememeber, what they say, actions mean more than words...and if she is finding little ways to keep in touch, thats a great step. You also have to be careful tho and not read into everything either or rush her into any talk about OR or D..right now that is taboo.....You want to remain being her friend and remain letting her set the pace, so not to pressure her. and dont be surprised if for a few days she seems really close and then out of the blue she is distant....this happens to all. Its our spouses trying figure out what there doing, there confused at this point. They made this decision and now thier heart is telling them something different..

Keep DBing and keep being the best you, you can be. and remember PATIENCE....it all comes in baby steps.. YOur doing great



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