Hey JJ - long time no post ! How are things? I just wanted to say hi to you & SG because it's been so long. Still miss you guys sometimes.

I really like this particular thread. What I keep going back to is - what was it that got you into that person in the first place? And how did you behave when you didn't think you could live without them?

Try that. I don't care if you think it's killing you or if they don't seem to appreciate it. Try it.

I think many of us get to know our SOs to the point that we don't remember that spark (or we don't want to admit it). Pretend you DON'T know how they really are.

The other thing (again) is...we forget how we were when we "bagged" our SOs. Like me. I forgot I was a cheeky girl who didn't take much of anything and I turned into a pleaser type. Not workin. When I went back to my orignal ways....this stuff works guys. Really, it does.

The only drawback I can still see is that you may find that you don't want it to.

Whew...that's it for now. Yikes - I gotta get up in the morning ! Good to type at ya JJ - as always. You know I loves ya madly. And SG...well, you know I loves her too. Until next time....