Here's a helpful tip from David


A method I have used is to allot only a certain time each day to the "situation". I only think in a concentrated manner about my wife when I run. I try to limit my thinking to costructive thoughts only. You know, like how would I feel if I were her, putting myself in her place so I will be in a mental state to empathize with her rather than present my own needy feelings. Anytime during the day that my mind begins go to my situation I immediately switch to a part of myself that I am trying to develop. For instance, if my mind wanders to what my wife may be doing or thinking I try to take a physically active step towards something upon which I am working. I will usually go hug my son for no reason whatsover. I am working on showing more love. So instead of allowing my mind to go where it shouldn't, I take a physical (a physical activity occupies both the mind and the body) action in the direction of an area in which I wish to improve. If I can't do the physical action, I will always do a mental action.

This has worked for me very well but it has taken time to develop my mind to switch in such a manner.

You may wish to try this. Let me know if it works or share anything with me that you may come up with.



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