Here's something that einstein posted.....


an MF thread golden nugget I found that may help:

One easy thing to start is to find a topic w likes to talk about that is not too personal or emotionally charged. For my w it was her office politics. Then you listen closely as she talks--really, really listen and you'll learn a whole lot about her emotional world--the things that piss her off and make her happy & you'll get to hear how she reacts to various things, but you have to really engage and be present in these conversations. When she mentions things that will happen in the future, make a mental note of them and ask her about them later on. Find strands of topics that you can bring up again to show your involvement in the conversation. Try to enter or "feel into" the feelings she describes. Don't try to solve anything and never even offer any advice unless it is very specifically asked for and don't ever correct her or tell her she's wrong. Just shut up and listen with your whole body and not just your head.


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