Great thread. About the venting. Well this place has helped me alot. But sometimes you let things sit inside of you for too long and then they can come out at you in a bad way. Now in my sitch I could yell at my WAW for a long time, and it wouldn't get me anywhere. But I really don't have an outlet to blow steam off.

So when I get angry I quickly right down what I'm angry about in my journal. Then put it aside. No long explanations. Then at night I go and type out a long rant letter to my WAW putting down all those stupid things you might say and could never take back from a moment of anger. When I'm done writing the letter I print it out. I read it, then tear it up, and then delete the file.

And after I do that it feels like a giant load has been taken off of my shoulders, and I feel mentally free. Just my .02