"Venting" can be a great release for your emotions, and can often help you to get things off your chest, and back to a place of calmness. The people on the board here are fantastic for listening, and can be very compassionate to you, as they can understand most of what you're going through.

However, TOO much venting ain't gonna take you to the place you need to be. Don't get too lost in your feelings, and don't dwell in them too long. They're bound to lead you astray, and you'll get nowhere.

Focus on using the basic techniques that Michele has taught us. That's what most of all the "success stories" around here have done. Vent as you must, but also ask yourself what you can "do" next to help you move forward in your efforts. Don't get stuck in doing the same thing over and over again. Concentrate on being "solution-focused".


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