Here's something really great that MAL posted on another thread! "Solution-oriented" in action!!


I had a similar experience with a coworker years ago.

He used to say things to irritate me, simply because he know he could get to me. I would respond with some smart comment. I tried ignoring him. I tried defending myself. I tried to put him down. Nothing worked, and he kept doing it...making me more mad and more miserable. He would always find something bigger or better to say. After awhile, work became miserable for me.

I didn't want to complain to my manager, because it seemed childish to do so. So the insults and ridicule continued.

During a Pyschology class one night, I mentioned this, and the teacher gave me some advice...

The next morning, this guy started in on me as normal.... Instead of ignoring him or saying something back, I got real quiet...walked across the room to his desk where he was sitting. I walked up to him, leaned over, and gave him a very big hug.

Then I said "G*****, I love you, and I'm glad you work here in our office."

He was speechless! All he could do was giggle this stupid giggle he used to have.

You know what? He never joked me after that day.

If I had known it was that simple, I would have done that long ago.

Do something different!


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