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Poster: imalright12960
Subject: Re: Know what you want!


T2holding on, the sane1,
Thank you for all your support. Been reading the DR book and that makes a difference! You must picture a future with your spouse! That is the only way to be successful, picturing the final result.
I am doing wonderful and my goal is to keep my PMA up. I know I will have bad days, but I hope they will be less. I am in MLC and find I'm in the last stage, closing the doors one by one. I only have a couple left to close, thank God. I do believe my H is going through the last stages too. I am here whenever he feels the need to be around me. I'm going to sit on the curb and wait for him, but keep living my life too. We each had to go through this journey, the first part together and now on our own. We will reunite in the end as I know this is my destiny! So picture your destiny, breath it, dream it, the more you do the more you will believe it will happen. And then all of a sudden you will be there actually doing.


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