Good thread!
Yes, it is getting easier. The more I keep doing it the easier it gets!

Don't forget to smile like you know something that no one else does.

I do feel like I know something that some people don't! That I'm making a decision,a choice to hang in there and wait for my H to go through the MLC tunnel. I now empathize what he is going through. And even though I have a few friends that think "I've lost it" I haven't. We all make mistakes and if my H is willing to forgive me for the bad choices I have made, I'm willing to forgive him for his. We have made the decision NOT to get a D, but we are still separated, I know I'm not ready for my H to come home until he is ready to make a commitment to our marriage. We are becoming friends again and are starting to feel comfortable around each other. There are times, things he does irritate me. But, I hold them down and talk them down inside me. Patience is something I'm going to get good at. And I'm learning to forgive now. I feel good about myself, because I'm learning to control my inner self (down boys!)My H still is seeing the OW, but now even this doesn't irritate me. I just think of it as "he has to do what he has to do" He has to figure this one out on his own.

D: 03/14/2006