Almost time for a new thread. Nothing new to report, just posting.

Anger is gone. Took off Friday and went to a nearby lake. It was nice; good thinking spot. Only a handful of people there fishing (or trying too - no one was catching anything).

Time to fully accept my M is over and that I need to be a real man and work the D to closure. A real man does not hate so I choose not to hate her any longer. A real man does not deny reality. A real man moves foward always.

I still feel a touch of frustration for what might have been and a touch of fear about starting new (and dating!!) at my point in life.

Also I am sad for me and the kids but there is nothing I can do but damage control by being the best man I can.

So back to feeling strong. Planning our vacation for mid next month. Kids want to return to the Smoky Mts in Tenn again - sounds good to me.

Strength and Honor.


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