The great mood you're in can last longer if you want it bad enough. It is up to you to make it happen. See yourself being happy and others will see it too.

I like the fact that you did acknowledge Mother's Day, afterall she is the mother of your children regardless of your sitch. Women like to be complimented. She will remember all the good things you do for her even if she won't acknowledge it.

As for the amount of time you have the kids, I always believe that it is not how much time you spend with them but how you spend it. I know people who have their kids for more time than you do but the kids spend more time in front of the TV than with the parent. Make the moments count when they are around.


Me: 49 - S22 & S26
H: 41 - No kids
M: 10/00
Bomb New Year's Day 2006
H living w OW 01/07; have baby 12/07
D final 07/07
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