Jeff -

There's something I'm still not getting here, and I think your laws must be different. In Quebec (not sure about rest of Canada), custody is based solely on how much time a parent spends with the kids. Thus, I will have sole custody b/c I will have them more than 70% of the time. However, that means absolutely nothing in reality, in terms of decision-making (parental authority). I cannot even move away w/o their father's permission.

Are custody and parental authority the same thing in AL?

40/60 is really not bad. Realistically, if you are working, it's not much different than 50/50.

As for your email to her, you're not really going to send it are you? What's the point? It won't help your case. I always find that when I do stuff like that, I feel better in the moment, but worse afterwards b/c I've lowered myself to where my stbx is.

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