Hey Jeff,

Sorry to hear what been going on, some closure would be nice. Luckily for me my w has not brought up the d word, unluckily that only means this sit. is ongoing. W seems to think she doesn't need a d. We can d when one of us finds someone the want to marry. She personally doesn't plan on remarrying again.

This could change anytime though.

No real advise for you except to keep standing up for your kids and yourself. You have probably come to the same conclusion as I have. I do not need to have my w in my life. I have lived happily without her before I met her and I have had happy times without her during this sit.

I have to admit I still think of her and the sit. daily.
But given that she is having om round regularly on weekends lately has made me go dark for my own sanity.

Am tempted to file myself so as to force the settlement, something that will not be instigated by her I believe.

My strategy now is to just get on with my life. Be the best dad I can. Let w come to me. Sometimes I think the mlc stuff is wishful thinking on my part and w is gone for good. Other times I think it's her mlc and I'm just a silent, enabling witness to it.

Will add latest going on to my thread over the weekend..

Take care of yourself and your family.